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spring 2000 



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page 18 Campaign Update: Message from 
the Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 

page 1 9 Campaign Donor Profiles: 
Jean Campbell '44 
Jeanne Hubbard Brooks '40 

page 20 Volunteer Profile: 

Elisse Allinson Share '65 — 
Her activism raises bar for 
alumni volunteers 

Lasell Receives Prestigious 
Kresge Foundation 
Challenge Grant 

Lasell College recently received the "Oscar"of 
philanthropy and the excitement around campus 
could rival any Academy Award celebration. After the 
submission of a proposal late lastAugust y the College 
was notified in mid-March that it had been awarded a 
$400 y 000 Kresge Foundation Challenge Grant in support 
of the $2. 7 million Winslow Hall Renovation Project. 




Architect's rendering of redesigned Winslow Hall. 

Lasell is undergoing a renaissance 
that is best demonstrated by an 
enrollment surge that has stretched 
to capacity every facility on campus. 
Winslow Hall, once the old gymnasium and 
assembly hall, will now become the acade- 
mic hub of the campus. 

The Kresge Foundation, one of the 
most prestigious foundations in the coun- 
try, is an independent, private organization 
created by the personal gifts of Sebastian S. 
Kresge. Grants are made toward projects 
involving construction or renovation of 
facilities and the purchase of major capital 
equipment or real estate. Grant recipients 
must raise initial funds toward their respec- 
tive projects before requesting Foundation 
assistance. Grants are then made on a chal- 
lenge basis, requiring the raising of the 
remaining funds, thereby insuring comple- 

tion of the project. Prior to the Kresge 
decision, Lasell's development staff raised 
$750,000 toward the Winslow project. 
Lasell will need to raise an additional 
$1,550,000 by July 1, 2001 to meet the 
challenge and to receive the $400,000 
from Kresge. 

The renovation of Winslow Hall is 
the capstone project of "Lasell 150: 
A Campaign to Celebrate Lasell's Sesqui- 
centennial," the College's first multi- 
million dollar capital campaign. The $10 
million, five-year campaign was launched 
quietly in 1996. When the public phase of 
the campaign was announced in June 1998, 
the goal was raised to $12 million since 
$8.7 million had already been raised. Now, 
with the addition of the Kresge Challenge, 
the goal has been raised again by the Board 
of Trustees to $15 million. "This is such a 

see KRESGE, continued on page 1 8 


17 1^50 spring 2000 


Message from the 
Lasell 150 Co-Chairs 

A Co-Chair Peggy Schwingel Kraft '56 

As we look back on the first three- 
and-a-half years of the Lasell 150 
Campaign, the scope and breadth of this 
historic effort amazes us. The most obvi- 
ous result, of course, is the millions of 
dollars raised from alumni and friends — 
more than $13 million to date and 

Equally impressive, however, is the 
army of volunteers who have emerged to 
make Lasell's first comprehensive capital 
campaign a success. More than 70 volun- 
teers have come together to serve on 
three campaign committees and to add 
additional "people power" to Lasell's 
Institutional Advancement staff. 

Under the able leadership of Trustee 
Jean Sargent Lee '49, the Major Gifts 
Committee and Planned Giving Sub- 
Committee have had a huge impact on 
the success of Lasell 150. Jean's quiet 
enthusiasm for Lasell has had a profound 
effect on numerous alumni and friends, 
who have responded with "stretch" gifts 
beyond all expectations. Planned Giving 
Sub-Committee Co-Chairs, Trustee Sue 
Slocum Klingbeil '45 and Overseer Bill 
Klingbeil, have been enormously helpful 
in expanding Lasell's outreach in Florida 
and bringing the planned giving savvy 
gained from their own charitable trust 
gift to interested alumni. 

Trustee Elisse Allinson Share '65, 
Annual Fund Chair since 1995, graciously 
agreed to head the Campaign's Annual 
Fund/Special Gifts Committee. Her 
group is charged with motivating all 
alumni and friends to continue or 
increase their support of the vital Annual 
Fund throughout the Campaign - while 
additionally considering a special gift to 
a Campaign objective: no easy task! 

A Co-Chair Joan Howe Weber '51 

The Annual Fund's skyrocketing totals 
and the increasing number of new alum- 
ni donors during the Campaign are 
strong testimony to this committee's 
hard work and good advice. 

The Sesquicentennial Celebration/ 
Outreach Committee, led by Trustee 
Nancy Curtis Grellier '49 and Overseer 
Lela Graham Moses '61, deserve kudos 
for undertaking another huge task. Their 
committee, drawing volunteers from 
alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and stu- 
dents, oversees plans for the gala weekend 
of events that will trumpet the successful 
conclusion of the Lasell 150 Campaign in 
conjunction with Lasell College's 150th 
anniversary. Their "modest" goals: to 
have 1000 celebrants on campus during 
the weekend of May 17-20, 2001; and to 
plan and smoothly orchestrate the logis- 
tics for a schedule of events worthy of the 
Ivy League. 

These volunteer committee chairs 
and their members bring an element to 
the Lasell 150 Campaign that cannot 
be measured in dollars and cents — 
credibility. Long gone are the days when 
a few beleaguered people tried to spread 
the word about Lasell. Lasell's transfor- 
mation from a sleepy, two-year women's 
college to a thriving, innovative, coeduca- 
tional institution makes a compelling sto- 
ry. Hear it once and you're hooked. Just 
ask the growing cadre of Lasell 150 vol- 
unteers. We encourage you to join us; 
there's plenty of room - and work yet 
to do! 

Please contact Campaign Director 
Katharine Urner '83 at (617) 243-2166 
for more information on how you can 
help further the success of the Lasell 
150 Campaign. **- 

KRESGE, continued from page 1 7 

signficant number," said President Thomas 
E.J. de Witt. "By the end of the campaign 
in 2001 we will have raised $1 million 
for each decade that Lasell has been in 
existence. What an appropriate way to 
celebrate our 150th anniversary!" To date, 
Lasell has raised more than $13 million 
towards the $15 million goal. 

Winslow Hall, built in 1937 and 
named for Lasell's fourth Principal and 
first President, Guy M. Winslow, will be 
converted into seven high-technology 
classrooms, 13 faculty offices, and a beauti- 
ful atrium-style student lounge. The faculty 
from the School of Arts & Sciences will be 
moving into the new faculty offices. Joanna 
Winslow '01, who is the fourth generation 
of Winslows associated with Lasell, will be 
able to enjoy the revitalized facility along 
with her classmates when it opens next fall. 

At the time of the March, 2000 grant 
announcements, Kresge had awarded 66 
grants for a total of $48,031,000. John E. 
Marshall, III, president and CEO of The 
Kresge Foundation indicated, "in 
this cycle of grantmaking, our Trustees 
were pleased to support a range 
of organizations reflecting almost the 
entire breadth of the nonprofit sector. 
This diverse group is responding to the 
new challenges presented by their commu- 
nities or sustaining activities that have 
demonstrated their effectiveness. In 1999, 
the Foundation reviewed 597 proposals 
and awarded grants totaling $1 10,058,333 
to 203 charitable organizations in 38 states, 
the District of Columbia, Canada, England 
and South Africa. Grants are made to insti- 
tutions operating in the areas of higher 
education, health and long-term care, arts 
and humanities, human services, science 

and the environment, and public affairs. 

The Kresge Foundation likes to use its 
challenge grants as a catalyst for increasing 
an institution's donor base. Lasell's goal, 
through the Challenge, is to encourage 
alumni who have never given to participate 
at a time when they can really help make a 
difference for this special initiative. In addi- 
tion, Lasell hopes to motivate donors to 
make "stretch" gifts and even second lead- 
ership gifts to the Campaign. "There is no 
better time to invest in Lasell," said 
President de Witt. "The return on your 
investment will be tenfold for many future 
generations of Lasell students." 

For Lasell, receiving the Kresge 
Challenge Grant is a significant milestone. 
Kresge is selective in its funding and only 
supports those institutions with robust 
enrollment, solid financial position, a 
growing endowment, and strong fund- 
raising capabilities. 

President de Witt remembers back to 
the early 1990s when Jim Kitendaugh, 
president of The Wayland Group, Lasell's 
fundraising counsel, told him, "You are 
not ready to raise any money." Before the 
current Campaign, the most money Lasell 
ever raised was $1.3 million. In only 10 
short years, Lasell has made monumental 
strides in its fundraising efforts. Everyone 
looks forward to May, 2001, when we can 
all celebrate Lasell's 150th birthday, the 
end of the Kresge Challenge, and the suc- 
cessful completion of the most ambitious 
capital campaign in the College's history. 
That will launch the ultimate "Oscar" 

To learn more about how you can 
help Lasell meet the Kresge Challenge, 
please call (617) 243-2141. »■ 

Honorary Co-Chairs Add a 
Challenge of Their Own 


y *■ 

Dear Tom, 

gra „, is tof^fta ecogni ion of this success, we would lite 
under your leadership. I ~°S™ he winslow Hall Renovation 
to pledge an additional $250,000 tor » ^ haye 

p ro P iec, as a ^^^ **• -» «* 
Joan & Bob Arnow 


18 I350 spring 2000 


EDITOR'S NOTE: In the interest of protecting the privacy of our alumni, it is the 
policy of the Alumni Affairs Office not to divulge alumni addresses, e-mail addresses 
or phone numbers unless it has been verified that the request is from another alumnus. 

The content of Class Notes is based on material submitted to Lasell College's 
Alumni Office. Due to the large number of submissions, Lasell is unable to verify the 
factual content of each entry and is not responsible for erroneous material. 

Because of the possibility of unexpected changes, we do not publish bridal 
engagements, or, in general, future events, but will be delighted to announce 
weddings and those events that have already taken place. 

The Class Notes printed in this issue were received by January 15, 2000. 
Notes received after that date will appear in the next issue. We regret we cannot 
return photographs unless accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

Please send your news to your Class Secretary or to the Alumni Office at 1844 
Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02466-2716 



It was nice to hear from Florence Boehmcke 
Edmondson that, at age 96, she is active and glad to be 
living at the Seabrook on Hilton Head Island, SC. 


Ruth Hutton moved into a beautiful assisted living 
facility last April and is glad to have left cooking and clean- 
ing chores behind. 

Please see the "Memory" section to enjoy a memory 
submitted by Pauline LeQaire Reiter. 


We extend our deepest sympathy to Marjorie Parrish 
Green whose husband passed away last November. 


Priscilla Barber Fitch and her husband have moved to 
White Oaks Estates in Spartanburg, SC. Priscilla is sorry 
that she will not be able to make her 70th Reunion this 


Estelle Geyer Stonebraker lives in St. Augustine, FL, 
now. As her traveling is limited these days, she is sorry not 
to be able to return to Lasell for Reunion. 

Virginia Hinshaw Wilks would love to hear from 
classmates and hopes to attend Reunion 2001 . Virginia 
enjoys her bridge games and exercise program and looks 
forward each year to President de Witf s visit to the Gold 
Coast alumni luncheon and his report on the continuing 
progress at Lasell. 


We were sorry to learn from Hazel Kelly Swartwout of 
the death of her husband in January 1999 and we extend to 
her our deepest sympathy. 


Dorothy Day Funk, at 86, enjoys so many happy 
memories of the past - wonderful parents, Lasell, a good 
marriage, two children, as well as grand and great-grand- 


Mabelle Hickcox Camp 

135 Pomperaug Woods, Southbury, CT 06488-1873 

Carol Morehouse Jones 

108 Brynwood Drive, Easton, PA 18045-2205 


We were very sad to learn of the death of Katharine 
Peck Dietler's husband, Neal, and we send her our sincer- 
est sympathy. 


Phyllis Gunn Rodgers 

80 Top Hill Road, Saunderstown, RI 02874-3236 

Mary Elton Remig recently moved to a retirement 
village, where she has an apartment in the same building 
as her first-year roommate at Lasell, Mary Smith Auten! 

Virginia Hall Warren is currently in a nursing home 
recovering from knee replacement surgery made difficult 
by her Alzheimer's. 

We send our deepest sympathy to Ruth Koritzky 
Kopelman on the death of her son, Robert. 

Dorothy Paine Chaucer and her husband plan to sell 
their Florida house and move back to Connecticut where 
their three sons live. 

"I would love to be a student at Lasell NOW," writes 
Marjorie Reed Colley! She and her husband live in 
Hobday, FL, and spend summers on Cape Cod near their 
three sons, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 


Louise Tardivel Higgins 

c/o Forte 

131 Oxbow Road, Needham, MA 02492-1017 

Anne Campbell Terrill lives in Locust Grove, VA. She 
plays bridge and golf and enjoys her gardens and getting 
together with family members and friends. 

Edith Fitzgerald Arnold writes that she has been mar- 
ried 52 years and has three children and seven grandchil- 
dren. "I am still hanging in there and play a lot of bridge." 

We send our deepest sympathy to Eleanor Kenney 
Hettrick whose husband passed away last June. 

Evelyn Piepenbring Morrison's husband passed away 
recently and we send her our deep sympathy. 

Horence Stetson Pipes has outlived her husband and both 
sons and is happy with her church and all its activities. 

Virginia Webb Tompkins traveled to Capetown, South 
Africa, to visit her daughter, Ginna '80, who was married 
there last March. 

Frances Woodruff Saunders has taken on additional 
driving responsibilities while her husband recovers from 
eye surgeries. 


Arlene Wishart Sylvester 

81 Woodland Road, Auburndale, MA 02466 

Adele Brown Lett enjoyed a month's trip to England 
and is happy and comfortable in the living care facility she 
moved to last July. 

Penny DeLaney Ogrinz writes: "Our golden years are 
still just fine, RV travel sees no decline. We hit the road, 
then sleep and dine, For us, our life is just divine." 

Mary Ann Fishering Feuling lives in Iowa and 
planned a visit last October with her daughter to Lasell. 
Hope you enjoyed your trip, Mary Ann — we're sorry you 
didn't drop in on us here in Klingbeil House at 142 

Woodland Road. If you get back this way again, please 
visit us. 

Eleanore Loef fler Olsen and her husband have moved 
to Edgehill, a life care facility in Stamford, CT, and she'd 
love to get together with any Lasellites in that area. 

Harriet Newcomb Stoughton has a pleasant house at 
Givens Estate in Asheville, NC. The campus is in a setting 
of beautiful mountains and Harriet enjoys the fall colors, 
interesting activities and a very caring residential staff. She 
wrote Arlene that Betty Yeuell Collins has moved and 
they have lost touch. 

We were sorry to learn from Elizabeth Shultz Stewart 
that her husband died in March 1999 and we send her our 
sincere sympathy. 

Dorothy Thomas Thomas missed her trip to New 
England last summer and is busy as Vice Regent of her 
DAR Chapter in Delray Beach, FL. 

Faye Wadhams Smith does volunteer work for the 
Mark Twain House and her church — "no time to sit still 
for very long." 

Arlene Wishart Sylvester had a busy summer in 1999 — 
weddings of a grandson and a granddaughter and a trip to 
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Arlene greatly enjoys 
her volunteer work at Lasell's Archives with Barbara Ordway 
Brewer '35. 


Louisa Clark Harrington 

399 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02452-0933 

We send great sympathy to Bonnie Baker Thieme, 
whose husband passed away in April 1999. 

Janice Marr Demer kindly wrote that she "loved my 
60th Reunion and was amazed at the growth of the 
College. Lasell is never forgotten by those of us who 
enjoyed our years there." 

Allison Starr Elrod's husband passed away last fall 
and we send her our sincere condolences. 


Priscilla Sleeper Sterling 

50 Newport Road, No. 53, New London, NH 03257-4228 

Elizabeth Carlisle Holmberg writes that she stays in 
touch with Lasell roommate, Ruth Fulton Rardin, and 
looks forward to Reunion 2000. 

We were sorry to learn from Delpha Corazza 
Marchetti that her husband died last November and we 
send her our deepest sympathy. 

Norma Booth DuVally is retired and spends winters in 
Naples, FL, and summers in Westport, MA. 

Etta Eldredge Long has five great-grandchildren. 

Lucy Harrison Eimer recently enjoyed seeing a pod of 
dolphins from the boardwalk in Laguna Beach, CA, where 
she has lived for 31 years. 

Frances Hodge Dwyer has seven grandchildren. 

The Toledo Area Librarians Association has named 
their scholarship in honor of Portia Kieser, their founder 
and a librarian for many years at Libbey-Owens Ford. 

Susan Ridley enjoyed a trip through the Panama Canal 
and down the western coast of South America to Santiago, 

Despite the fact that she has been on kidney dialysis 
for two years, Barbara Schilf Fournier continues her 
worldwide travels to judge at dog shows. In 1998, she 
visited England, South Africa and Sweden, and last 
October went on a Caribbean dialysis cruise. She plans 
to attend Reunion. 


Class Notes 

Helen Woodward Fassett keeps busy with The Red 
Cross, a convalescent home and church. 



Virginia DeNyse 

77 Crosslands Drive, Kennett Square, PA 19348-2012 

Mary Elizabeth Allen Ryan and her husband visit their 
Pinehurst, NC, condo frequently and recently enjoyed a 
grand trip to Alaska. 

Peggy Card Suydam spends two months in Naples, FL, 
in the winter and sees Jane Abbott Wiederhold while 

Mary Kulos Topulos spends mid-October to mid-May 
in Clearwater, FL, and the rest of the year in Walpole, MA, 
where she is near her grandchildren. 

Persephonae Chumbanis Kantarges is enjoying her 
new grandson. 

We were so sorry to learn from Virginia DeNyse 
(a great class agent!) that before she moved to Kennett 
Square, PA, she fractured her right elbow. Although physi- 
cally and emotionally exhausted, missing her many friends 
in Bronxville, her church and the Village, she knowsshe 
has made the right move and that it will take some time to 
adjust. Good luck Virginia, we hope you'll be very happy 
in Kennett Square. 

Mary Hale Shaner enjoys her part-time work and has 
five great-grandchildren. 

Jacqueline Lander Schofield plays tennis and golf and 
travels between Florida and Cape Cod. She has two grand- 
children and one great-granddaughter. 

Louise Lorion DeVries celebrated her 56th anniversary 
at Lake Louise and enjoyed trips to Britain and 

Betty McGrath Brown recently enjoyed a trip to 

Marjorie Morss Smith lives in a retirement complex in 
Leesburg, FL, where she and her husband moved in 1997, a 
year before his death. 

Eleanor Pfaff Daly enjoyed a trip to Germany, Austria 
and Hungary last May. 

Marjorie Ulrich McLaughlin has been leading a quiet 
existence since her back operation last April and is also 
recovering from a hip replacement. We hope you'll be well 
very soon. 

Virginia writes that Myra Sawyer Roberts ("Speed"), 
class advisor, is recovering nicely from recent knee 


Dorothy Mosher Stone 

5 Mainsail Circle, P.O. Box 483, Mashpee, MA 02649 

Jessie Dobson Salmon has welcomed a new great- 

Shirley Egglefield Royal has moved to the Adirondack 
Mountains in New York where she is living in an assisted 
living facility which she loves. 

We recently learned from Dorothy French Lally that 
her husband died in February 1998 and we send her our 
sincere condolences. 

Charlotte Hall Kelly plays tennis and enjoys giving 
one woman shows when asked. She looks forward to 
President de Witf s annual visit to Sarasota. 

Elizabeth Heckel Allen writes: "Trudy Ruch 
Kauffman and Grace Johnson Johnson came to Savannah 
to stay with me in May 1999. We had a wonderful reunion 
together. What a lovely experience!" 

Mary Hurley Cook and her husband celebrated their 
50th wedding anniversary at a surprise party organized by 
their daughter, Carolyn Cook Marchuk '74. The grand fete 
was held at the Metuchen Country Club in Edison, NJ and 
featured a jazz group. 

Barbara Leonard Wiser is delighted that her grand- 
daughter is a first-year student at Lasell. 

Her husband shared with us a beautiful tribute to 
Muriel Palmer Heath, who died on May 5, 1999. . ."She 
thought often and fondly of Lasell and the dear friends 
who were there with her and she would have loved to 
come back to see the exciting new Lasell." 

Our sincere sympathy goes out to Barbara Rockwell 
Carlstrand whose husband, Roland, passed away last 

Muriel Stark Goldsmith was the volunteer manager 
for the Brandeis University Women's Committee Bookstore 
in Los Angeles in 1999. 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean 

12525 4th Street East, Treasure Island, FL 33706 

Frances Church Deering has a new great-granddaugh- 
ter. She enjoys taking short trips, playing bridge, walking 
and church activities. 

Nancy Leavis Bailey has four children, nine grandchil- 
dren and three great-grandchildren, all living in different 
parts of the country and on Okinawa. Nancy travels exten- 
sively to visit everyone. 

Harriet Lindsey Dinsmore was not feeling well when 
we heard from her in November and we hope she is fully 
recovered now. 

Eloise Moffett Harper's husband, Thomas, died on 
January 18, 1998, and we send her our sincere condolences. 
Eloise spent two weeks in Germany in the fall. She volun- 
teers for various groups and spends the winter months in 
Florida, close to her daughter and family. 

Priscilla Redfield Potter writes that she is a 
quadrapelegic patient at the Saybrook Convalescent 
Hospital in Saybrook, CT, and sends her best wishes to all. 

Priscilla Spence Hall and her husband have decided to 
make New Smyrna Beach, FL, their year-round-home. "It 
has a beautiful setting with a gorgeous beach and nice little 
town — close to whatever action you'd want. Call if you're 
nearby — it would be fun to reminisce." Priscilla is an 
active artist and studying in oils. She recently joined a local 
international barbershop chorus of about 30 women and is 
having great fun with them. 

Barbara Thornburg Donnelly reports that her son is 
our ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldive Islands. 

Anne Nancy Wells Harris writes: "As a member of the 
class of '43 I'd like to express my thanks and appreciation 
for the superior job President deWitt and his staff have 
done in successfully leading Lasell into the future — go 
Lasell!!" Thank you for those kind words! 


Jean Campbell 

84 Laurel Street , Fairhaven, MA 02719 

Barbara Staples Virgie is busy with bridge, travels and 
serving as vice president of the Simsbury, CT, Woman's 

Marjorie Olson Bjork writes: "Indulging ourselves in a 
lot of traveling while we can. Italy, Scandinavia and New 
Mexico in '99. So much to see and learn." 

Eunice Powers Buxton is looking forward to the 55th 
Reunion — we hope many of you will attend. 


Marilyn Blodgett Williamson 

60 Ledgelawn Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420 

Raemary Chase Duryea and her husband visited 
Switzerland last fall. They spend February and March in 
Palm Desert, CA, where they both play golf. 

Mildred Day Clements ran for Planning Commission in 
November (we hope you won!) and has four grandchildren. 

Carolyn Lindsay Stradley would love to hear from 
classmates in the Philadelphia area or in the Ventnor, NJ, 
area where she spends summers. 

Sarah Myers McCormick works as a real estate buyer's 
agent while enjoying the near-perfect weather in Sierra 
Vista, AZ. 

Deborah Newton Warren has moved to a retirement 
village in Walpole and loves it. She and her husband spend 
summers in Mattapoisett, MA. 

Congratulations to Jean Watson Wetrich and her hus- 
band who became great-grandparents last August. 


Gail Frank Wells '56 took this photo of Lynn Metzger Pharo and Shirley 
Frank Kerner at the Moorestown, NJ, Field Club, where Lynn treated the 
"Frankie Sisters" to lunch in celebration of the July birthdays of all three. 

Gloria Sylvia Paolella 

34 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA 02675-1448 

Clare Dickover Hallock and her husband were sur- 
prised with a party for their 50th wedding anniversary last 
August. Congratulations! 

Congratulations to Jeanne Franklin Bates and her hus- 
band, Jim, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 
last June, with a wonderful family get-together at Spruce 
Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, ME. 

Frances Lake Gray welcomed twin granddaughters, 
born in Sweden, in December, 1998. She has a grandson 
also. "They came to me late in life but well worth the wait." 
Mary-Ida Hanson Olson plans trips for senior citizens 
and does legislative work regarding both Medicare /man- 
aged care and pension reform. 
Joyce Hayes Whitman and her 

family attended their grandniece's '99 
Lasell graduation. 

Linda Koempel Tompkins finds 
life in retirement to be busy and great 
fun. She and her husband oversaw an 
addition to their home last summer and 
had less sailing time than usual due to 
extreme heat and summer storms. 

Mary Kay Murray Sutton is retired 
and living in Naples, FL. 

Frances Oden Werly wrote last fall: 
"I'm moving to Scarborough, ME, to 
start the new millennium and to be near 
my young daughter who is expecting 
twins in March. I'll take care of her 
two-year-old boy. Good thing I had a 
successful bypass last year and I'm in 
shape to run." 

Lois Seidel Newell enjoyed a recent 
visit from Phyllis Haviland 
Hildebrandt at her home in Greenville, 
SC. They had a wonderful day remi- 
niscing about Lasell, family and friends. 

After working 30 years for TOPS 
Club, Inc., Jane Upton Patten has 
retired and looks forward to traveling 
with her husband in their RV. 

Dorothy Tobin Staf fier writes: "Content by the sea, my 
(still hero) husband of 52 years and I bask in the warmth of 
our children and grandchildren's love and are ever grateful.' 



Nonie Lederman Carroll, Tres Vidas, Townhouse #16E 
2335 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Barbara Birnbaum Green writes: "San Diego is still the 
perfect place to live — lots of outdoor activity for us, plus 
our daughter and grandson are nearby." 

Eleanor Metzger Pharo had a delightful visit with Sue 
Slocum Klingbeil and her husband, and a great lunch with 
Shirley Frank Kerner at her sister's, Gail Frank Wells '56. 

Nancy Larsen Bailey 

135 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842-1908 

Martha Kennedy Ingersoll is busy and happy and 
planning a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in April. 

Nancy Larsen Bailey and her husband, Jim, recently 
returned from a wonderful trip to China and enjoy the 
winter Lasell Alumni Gold Coast gatherings in Florida. 

Irma Lipsitt Wolfe and her husband, Gordon, moved to 
South Dartmouth, MA, from New York last December and 
have become involved with community activities. " We enjoy 
our visits to Lasell and are very proud to be part of the 
progress Lasell accomplishes in the educational world." 

Class Notes 



Janet Gleason Nolan '53 sent us this photo which was taken at the Beach 
Chalet Restaurant in San Francisco. With Janet are Carol Galligan Massard 
'48 and Janice McGoughran '50. 

Judith Tracy Shanahan enjoys keeping busy with 
family, golf and tennis and she looks forward to her winter 
visits with Lasell friends in Naples. 

Gloria Wurth Harrison and her husband have traveled 
around the world three times and enjoy tennis and golf in 
sunny San Diego. They have six children and sixteen 

On her way to Florida in January 1999, Mary Young 
Jacobs stopped for a visit in Wilmington with Anne 
Chapman Berl and saw Pat Mangan Price in Sarasota. 
Mary reports that: "Both are fine, as am I." 


Nancy Lawson Donahue 

52 Belmont Avenue, Lowell, MA 01852-2865 

Barbara Milne Lynch stepped down one year ago as 
manager of Mark Fore & Strike in Stuart, FL, and is now 
working there two days a week to help out. She is enjoying 
golf, children and grandchildren. 

We send our deepest sympathy to Joan Warren 
Hepburn, whose husband, John, passed away in June 1999. 


Nancy Bean Lord 

771 Camden Road, Hope, ME 04847 

Marni Nahigian Sarkisian 

256 South Avenue, Weston, MA 02493 

Joyce Davies Harrison and her husband, Dirck, 
enjoyed a great cruise through the Panama Canal last 

Patricia Hyde Billett loves being retired on the coast of 
Maine in Biddeford Pool, and travels twice a year to see the 

Congratulations to Carolyn Judd Hayes and her hus- 
band, David, who celebrated their 48th wedding anniver- 
sary on June 9, 1999. 

Elizabeth Maclnnes Deal will be sorry to miss Reunion 
but will be in St. Louis then. 

Joan McKinney Aldrich has moved into a lovely town 
house and is enjoying her five grandsons. 

Ruth Mount Garry writes "I was married on May 24, 
1999 to Ray Garry, a wonderful man whom I met at the 
Florida golf course where we both play. We both love to 
dance several times a week, play golf every other day and 
have an avid interest in antiques — each of us having been 
a dealer — life is wonderful! Hope to make my 50th in 

Jean Ostrander Lowman loves living in Florida, near 
her 92-year-old mother and one of her four grandchildren. 

Barbara Schnelle Orton has nine grandchildren. She 
keeps busy with the Lewes, DE, Lions Club. 

Carolyn Snook Rauscher writes: "Retirement is the 
greatest but sure keeps me busy!! Do special jobs now and 
then for my old company, lots of church work, volunteer at 
the hospital, along with short trips and family doings." 

Jacquelyn Temperley Jennings is a published poet in 
the United States and Ireland. Her book is entitled 

Barbara Welles Miller is a hospital volunteer and is 
enjoying her six grandchildren. She keeps in touch with 
Bernice Martin Pehl. 

Libbie Fleet Glazer 

94 Fairfield Street, Lowell, 

MA 01851-3911 

Kathleen Ballard Heck is retired 
and writes: "Nothing to report — all is 
normal, thank God!" 

Sallyann Bartlett Abel had great 
visits last summer from Alice Pittenger, 
Marie Kohaut Dougherty and Joyce 
Weitzel Flanagan. They had a great 
time reminiscing over "LJC" days and, 
while visiting her grandchildren's col- 
leges, Sallyann noted quite a difference 
between those days and today! 

Elizabeth Baumbach Hyne has 
traveled our beautiful country in a 
motor home from Maine to the 
Mississippi River and Florida. She 
enjoys country living in the Berkshires 
and golfing. Elizabeth remembers the 
great 100th celebration of Lasell's 
founding and looks forward to the 150th and her 50th 

Joan Kearney Cormay spends summers in Falmouth 
and a few months in the winter in Naples, FL, where she 
sees Nancy Mitchell Quinn. 

We were so sorry to learn from Janet Fornoff Hauber 
that her husband died suddenly in August, and send her 
our sincere sympathy. Janet has five children and seven 

While attending her 50th high school reunion, Barbara 
Jankowski Rusch saw Jean Davies Stanley '50 and her 
sister, Joyce Davies Harrison '50. 

Dorothy McPherson Wickersham had a wonderful 
get-together with Liz Trisko Battis and her husband last 
September in Wickford, RI. They had not seen each other 
for many years and had a non-stop catch up session! 

Elaine Quavillon Tull had a nice visit in Boston with 
Anna Stevenson Mangano. The Tulls are enjoying life in 
Arizona and look forward to traveling in the western 
United States. 

Bonnie Reis Doe is very involved with the California 
Music Teachers' Association, teaching and composing. She 
knits for her six grandchildren, plays golf and travels. 
Bonnie sees Carol Bancroft each summer and enjoyed a 
wonderful eight-week trip to Australia and New Zealand 
in 1998. 

Patricia Reynolds Land wehr enjoys having her daugh- 
ter, son and three grandchildren living nearby. She took a 
trip to Hawaii and visited with Barbara Ferns Becker and 
her husband in Tennessee. They had a great time talking 
about Lasell days. Pat is looking forward to 50th Reunion — 
we hope many of you are. 

Peggyanne Riker Miller and her husband enjoy their 
two grandsons and their dogs. They travel a bit but spend 
as much time at their little cottage on the lake as possible. 

Anna Stevenson Mangano has downsized to an apart- 
ment that she loves, and plans now to find more time to 


Jean Aslaksen Podimsky 

6 West 14th Street, P.O. Box 57, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006 

Mary Ann Amon Robinson and her husband, Chuck, 
have nine children and 20 grandchildren whom they see often. 

Jean Aslaksen Podimsky is working, remains active in 
community affairs and enjoys her five grandchildren. 

Vilma Barbuto Herrick works as an administrative 
assistant at the University of Southern Maine. 

Marjorie Dyer Hubbard is now single and writes that 
she "challenges life every day. Purchased a lake home this 
year, traveled the Mediterranean and New England." She 
has two sons and six grandchildren. 

Ruth Easterlind Cederberg looks forward to another 
mini-Briggs reunion this year. 

Bernadine Gill Smith "keeps busy running after 
grandchildren" and remembers her Carpenter days with 

Virginia Johnson Irwin teaches music on the pre- 
school level and is busy visiting children and grandchil- 

It was very sad to hear from Joyce Wardle Chapman 
that her beloved husband, Linsley, died in July 1999, just as 
they were looking forward to years of enjoyment in their 
retirement. We send Joyce our deepest sympathy. 

Muriel Webb Moyer and her husband, Don, enjoy the 
Elderhostel programs and spent two weeks last May on 
their food and wine of Provence program. 

Elsie Knaus Klemt '53, right, visited Lasell roommate 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger, left, and her family in 
Winter Park, CO, last summer. 

Virginia Snedaker Marschall has enjoyed her first year 
of retirement very much, including travels to Florida, 
Arizona, the magnificent California, Oregon and 
Washington coast, England and Germany. She loves being 
in Kentucky near her grandchildren, son and his wife. 
Barbara Wenzel Boucher is busy with travel, volunteering, 
committee meetings and e-mailing. She has a son and 


From her studio in Seward, Alaska, Dot Day Bardarson '53 sent us the 
enclosed picture of herself (right), classmate Carol McKay Chaudiere, and 
Carol's mother, Virginia Wood Clark '26. 

Elizabeth Keys Gage 

49 Twilight Road, Bay Head, NJ 08742-4758 

Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 

2840 Doncaster Road, Columbus, OH 43221-3034 

Mary Lou Burke Alexander was sorry that more class- 
mates didn't attend Reunion in 1998, as all who did had a 
wonderful time. 

Janet Chase Ash is executive secretary at Northwoods 
Presbyterian Church in Spring, TX. She welcomed her first 
grandchild last April. 

Congratulations to Elinor Cohen 
Goldman who welcomed a baby grand- 
daughter last year. 

Mary Criscuolo Barlow is recently 
retired and we wish her a full recovery 
from several strokes. 

Dot Day Bardarson owns an art and 
fine craft gallery on the harbor in 
Seward, where 100 cruise ships dock 
after cruising Alaskan waters. She lives 
across the lagoon from her good friend 
and classmate, Carol McKay 

Carol Moriarty Phleger is retired 
from her part-time job with Northwest 
Airlines and relishes her time with her 
four little grandsons. She and her hus- 
band enjoy traveling. 

Isabel Paolillo McCarthy is official- 
ly retired and is moving to California to 
be closer to her daughter and her fami- 
ly. She has two grandchildren. 

Helen Pearlstein Golden met her 
husband at Lasell and they have cele- 


Class Notes 

brated their 44th anniversary. Helen's Chandler roommate, 
Myrna Pasternak Kahan, lives near her. Helen also keeps 
in touch with Marie Kaden, who lives in New Hampshire. 

Jean Weeks Hanna visits with Diane Cueny Harden 
'53 in Florida and would love to hear from any Lasellites in 
the Sarasota area. She plays lots of bridge, walks two miles 
a day and does volunteer work. 

Virginia Wilder Melitz and her husband enjoyed a 
leisurely barge trip down the inland waterways of France 
with 12 friends last May. 


Corinne Coyle Lydem 

7 Fitzpatrick Road, Ansonia, CT 06401 

Susan Cluett LaGrange loves her new status as the 
first-time grandmother of a baby boy. 

Hope Duguid Dauwalter is busy with consulting, 
travel, family and re-building her vacation home. 

Faith Harvey Fisler enjoys her retirement, keeping 
busy volunteering at church and with homeless families. 
She travels, has six grandchildren and a part-time job. 

Mary Hayden Durkee enjoyed visiting with old friends 
at Reunion and sharing many wonderful memories of good 

Frances Mitchell Sherman writes from Hayfork, CA: 
"Retirement is the busiest time of my life! My life is almost 
totally involved in quilting. If s creative, a challenge, social and 
addictive! I plan to visit Paducah, KY, this spring for the 
national quilt show. Have met some wonderful people!" 

Lorraine Nelson Stevens and her husband travel as 
much as possible and welcomed their first grandchild last 

Congratulations to Shirley Sherwood Adams who 
welcomed twin granddaughters last March. They join her 
five grandsons. 


Susan Twichell Nelson 
25 Westford Road, 
Concord, MA 01742 

Amalia Gori retired in 1997 after working as a secre- 
tary, and as a receptionist/clerical worker for answering 
services and a market researcher. 

We were sorry to learn that Anne Hartnett Lohnes' 
husband passed away and we send her our sincere condo- 

Eunice Kerkins Monticone writes: "Last school year 
I had my most exciting job yet — My first year of teaching. 
I taught gifted children in grades 3, 4, and 5. It was truly a 
fun job with many challenges. In June I became a real estate 
agent again with exciting new clients. 

Marilyn Meyer Herlin is busy in Fairfield, CT, with 
real estate and antiques appraising. She loves sailing and 
long walks and visits with Valerie Montanez Barto in 
Florida each winter. 

Lucinda Nolin Johnson cruised down the Mexican 
Riviera with her freshman year roommate Marion Locke 
Nutter last January, and they planned to visit Switzerland, 
Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria last fall. Lucinda plays 
a lot of golf and bridge. 

Maxine Seidel Lyle's two children were married last 
year. She is a nanny to a two-year-old girl and sees Susan 
Thomas Wiard. 


Deanne Dario Sferrino 

10 Liberty Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803 

Deanne Dario Sferrino rented a villa in Tuscany with 
friends last October. 

Carol LeCompte Cuthbert saw both Betsy Belsterling 
Jordan and Patricia Strawbridge Mulhern last October at 
their 45th high school reunion. 

Natalie Flather Humphrey is volunteer coordinator 
for the Tacoma Art Museum and serves on several boards. 
Her children are married and she has nine grandchildren. 
"I think of Lasell fondly." 

Dorothy Mabrey Embler and her recently retired hus- 
band are planning a trip to Africa. 

Joyce Maroni Gomes and her husband visited the 
United Arab Emerites last November where they attended 
their nephew's wedding and rode camels and dune bug- 
gies in the desert — "quite an adventure!" 

Katherine Mayo McAllister writes: " I'm working at 
rebuilding my life after the untimely death of my husband. 
My daughter, her husband and two grandchildren are a 
constant source of support." Katherine is a medical secre- 
tary in a family practice association. 

Joan Polidor Selander and her husband made a won- 
derful re-acquaintance last fall when they had dinner in 
Jacksonville, FL, with Margaret Schwingel Kraft and her 
husband, Rudy. 

Penny Rafkin Blake visits Massachusetts from 
Boynton Beach often, and she has ten grandchildren here. 
Penny stays in touch with Marilyn Blumenthal Kovnat 
and Sandra Lavine Kanosky. 

Katharine Taft is enjoying her retirement fully and has 
a new horse. 

Suzanne Wadsworth Jonas and her husband have 
moved to Yarmouthport on Cape Cod and she would love 
to hear from classmates who might be living there or trav- 
eling that way. 

Janet Whitney Buck and her husband are on the road 
as often as possible in their RV, "doing what we always 
dreamed of doing." 


If you'd like to travel and see how people really live 
Ellen Mahoney Simmonds invites you to contact her. She 
and her husband, Tom, belong to Friendship Force 
International and visit and live with people in many differ- 
ent countries. They've traveled extensively and host visi- 
tors from around the world in their home as well. 

Kirsten Harvey Brownell and her husband, David, live 
in their 120-year-old Victorian home in a quaint village in 
Pennsylvania. They travel and visit their three children and 
five grandchildren. 

Janet March Murphy enjoys babysitting for her two 

Carolyn Reid Towne works as a nurse in a day surgery 
unit. She and her husband spent five months last year on 
their boat, including three months in the Bahamas. 

Gail Seibert Glover and her husband visited with Judy 
Feldt Oswald and Barbara Clark Owen and their hus- 
bands last summer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, 
and hopes to get together with other classmates in Florida 
during the winter. 

Ada Whitmore Suydam 

35 Carey Road, Needham, MA 02494-1103 


Linda Gould Marshall 
2001 Freedom Lane, 
Falls Church, VA 22043 

Junis Anderson Nicholson and her 
husband attended the wedding of Joan 
Valentine Glasson's son last April. 

Joanne Curtis Island is serving as 
president of the Yankee Maid Chorus, 
a Sweet Adelines group. "Are there any 
classmates who share this hobby of 


Caroline Killam Moller, Janet Coulter Langmaid, Barbara Sturges Kraus 
and Joan Stanford Chase at a mini-reunion at Janet's summer home in 
Humarock, MA, June 1999. 

Ann Bidwell Sanborn loves spending winters in 
Naples, FL, and has a new grandson in Chicago. 

In attendance at Cynthia Clark Frazee's wedding last 
October were six grown children and 12 grandchildren — 
"a very happy occasion for both families." Please see Nota 

Congratulations to Janet Coulter Langmaid and her 
husband, Brad, who welcomed their first grandchild, a 
baby girl, last September. 

Marcia Hamilton Killeen and her husband are retired 
and have moved to a lovely patio home complex in 
Phoenix. Congratulations to the Killeens on the newest 
additions to their family — triplet granddaughters! 

Marcia James Carthaus is a very active volunteer for 
several organizations and a school board member. She is in 
Naples, FL, for three-and-a-half months each winter, and 
she and her husband visited Alaska last summer on a land 
cruise vacation. 

Caroline Killam Mailer's little granddaughter lives in 
Surrey, England, which, happily, makes Caroline a "com- 
muter" to the U.K. She has a little grandson much closer to 
home also. 

Evelyn Sanders Brewster is now retired and the proud 
new grandmother of a baby boy — bringing her total 
grandchildren to four. 

Ada Whitmore Suydam enjoyed her South Pacific 
cruise from Tahiti to Hawaii. 

Faith Bowker Moloney 
63 Burnt Swamp Road, 
Wrentham, MA 02093 

Barbara Bogert Wahlberg plays lots 
of golf and enjoys time with her adult 

Barbara Jacoby Adelstein is retired 
from teaching but still subs. She has 
two married children. 

Karen Kirk Macintosh is a paraprofessional with the 
Newmarket, NH, school district. 

Louise Thomson Mitchell and her husband look for- 
ward to retiring so they can have more time to enjoy their 
six grandchildren and traveling. 

Ronna Zucker Uhrman continues to enjoy teaching 
pre-school. She has four grandchildren and likes aerobics, 
walking, tennis and pottery. 


Ann Porcaro Mucera 

8026 SE Mammoth Drive, Hobe Sound, FL 33455 


Betty Anderson Fairchild 

5 Grennan Road, West Hartford, CT 06107-1818 

Andrea Bischof f Houser and her husband are thor- 
oughly enjoying their three grandchildren. 

Harriet Beard Ackerman works with Baxter Healthcare 
and is continuing her education at Roosevelt University. 
She has five grandsons. 

Jeanne Bradner Morgan and her husband are building 
their dream retirement home on a golf course in Hickory, 

Linda Braslow Lefkowitz recently retired after 20 years 
as a pharmaceutical salesperson with Wyeth Ayerst 
Laboratories. She looks forward to relaxing, gardening, 
traveling and reading and will try to get together with 
some '58 friends. 









% * * 

m «=> 


i ^ L 






Linda Grean Curtis, Lynn Kiefer Holt, Carol Healy 
McKinnon; Second Row: Jane Parsons Dolbier, Jane 
Kendrigan; Top Row: Betsy Schwingel Sullivan had a 
great time reliving Lasell days and playing golf on the 
Cape last 4th of July weekend. 

Class Notes 


Barbara Davis Delano is retired now after teaching for 
24 years and she and her husband enjoy traveling and their 

Carolyn Raster Goldenberg visited recently with 
Debbie Hoch Rockoff in Los Angeles. "It seemed like 
yesterday — she looked great!" 

Jane Harmon Carr is busy as the owner of The Market 
Basket, a gourmet food store in Rockport, ME, complete 
with cooking school and catering. "Stop in and say liello'." 

Gwendolyn Johnson Redding owns Scandinavian 
Boutique, Distinctively Sweden in North Attleboro, MA. 

Carole Lamson Burpee has sold the bed and breakfast 
she ran and is retired. She recently welcomed her first 
grandchild, a boy. 

Susan Metz Good works in an elementary school and 
in private practice as a speech pathologist. She enjoyed a 
great cruise to the Baltic last summer. 

Joan Moeller Thompson and her husband reside in 
Florida in the winter and Connecticut in the summer. They 
enjoy their boat and have one granddaughter. 

Jane Parsons Dolbier enjoyed getting together with 
classmates on the Cape last July (see photo.) 

Donna Skillings Kessler sees her grandchildren often, 
plays lots of golf and travels more now that her husband is 
semi-retired. They enjoyed a trip to Greece in October and 
a month in Naples, FL, during the winter. 

Nan Sparks Hunter works at Embassy Timeshare 
Resort in marketing and sales. She has six children and five 
grandchildren. She and her husband enjoy cruise vaca- 

Peggy Ullman Cohen has three children and recently 
welcomed her second grandchild. 



Linda Resnick Baer 

9 Columbine Drive, Nashua, NH 03063 

Ann Abbott Bowler has three sons and two grand- 
daughters. Now that she and her husband are retired Ann 
plans on lots of traveling. She would love to hear from 
Marlene Steers. 

Linda Bald Lathrop recently enjoyed trips to Maine 
and Myrtle Beach and a Caribbean cruise last October. She 
planned to retire last New Year's Eve and continue the 
traveling she loves. 

Muriel Bloom Bruskin and her husband enjoyed a 35th 
anniversary trip to Italy with a couple they met on their 

Fern Keil is a fundraiser for the Development Center in 
Philadelphia. She keeps in touch with Karen Mandel 
Marschall, Dianne Drozek Sommer and Carol 
Rzeznikiewicz Russell. 

Robin MacCloskey Mclnnis is babysitting for her first 
grandchild, a baby boy. 

Carol Miller Glassman works as a school board occu- 
pational therapist. She has a baby grandson and wonders 
"where are all the Hawthorne House women from the class 
of '62?" 

We send our condolences to Dee Orben Campbell 
whose father passed away last March. She has worked for 
Mary Kay for ten years, loves being semi-retired and has 
taken up quilting. 

Congratulations to Susan Petrie Boudreau and her 
husband, Henry, who welcomed their first grandchild, a 
baby girl. 


Karin Skooglund Bartow 

IS Grozier Road, Cambridge, MA 02138-3315 

When we heard from her in the fall, Bette Cole Greene 
plans to retire in January 2001 as a secretary for the 
Duxbury public schools and will then travel through the 
southern states for four months, in the RV she and her hus- 
band, Ed, bought last summer for their trip through Maine. 

Sarah Hirst-Pitts volunteers for the Humane 
Association and was elected treasurer for this year. 

JoAnn Jacobson works as support investigator for 
Oneida County in New York. She enjoys biking and swim- 
ming when the weather is nice. 

Susan March Allen recently retired from her position 
as director/head teacher of a toddler playgroup in Mystic, 
CT. She thoroughly enjoys her one-year-old grandson. 

Harriet Shapiro Nirenstein is an adjunct professor of 
English as a second language at the University of Hartford. 

Karin Skooglund Bartow is working in knowledge 
management for a new organization based in Cambridge. 
She moved there a year ago joining her new life partner, 
Jim. Karin has two children. 

Congratulations to Linda Welt Horowitz who wel- 
comed her baby granddaughter last June. 

Marion Bishop Kersh lives in Phoenix, AZ, where she 
owns Phoenician Interiors, an interior design business that 
she started in 1979. Marion designs private homes, busi- 
ness offices and nursing homes and became a Rotarian in 

Martha Burrell Foster is working for plastic surgeons. 
"Life is good with my five grandchildren who live nearby." 

Susan Coster Malsin writes "went to Sam's (Vivien 
Ash Gallagher) daughter's wedding in October and met 
her three children. My daughter was married and Sam and 
her husband, Jeff, came." Susan has a baby granddaughter. 

Nina Dotterer and her sister Norey Dotterer Cullen 
'67, are in business together in Newport, RI, making 
mustard, hot pepper jelly, caramel bourbon sauce and 
a seafood sauce which they market widely. Nina and 
her husband, Bob Caper, have two children. 

Camille Macmillin Landry earned her master's degree 
in education from Boston University in 1994. She has been 
with the physical education department at BU since 1994 
and has expanded the phys. ed. classes. She will be golf 
coach and archery instructor this year. 

Deborah O'Neill Aspinwall loves attending the New 
York School of Interior Design. "If s taken me all these 
years to both have the time and luxury to figure out what 
really interests me." 

Arlene Paratore Hrabovecky is looking for real estate 
in the sand hills of North Carolina for either an investment 
or a relocation. We will be happy to share her telephone 
number if anyone has any leads for Arlene. 


■ZWi., »;oSft5fl*l'* s * SM1I "' : * l P a %" 

m.<M m 



Corporate Headquarters 

- _ — ]sem/m^m 

Commuted to a cure through fC> -nrch. edi 

"'"Hon mid siipbiut 

Committed to a cure through research, education and support, Ellen 
Wagner Call '67 rode the 48-mile Waltham, MA, Brain Tumor Society 
Ride in memory of Nancy Chipman Creamer '67 last May. 

Kathryn Morgan Lucey 

165 Concord Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462-1010 

Susann Ahearn Costa owns Bennie's 
Market in Old Saybrook, CT. Her daughter 
was married last August. 

Nancy Begg is a product manager for 
Dexter Nonwoven Materials. 

Martha Begley Hertel's son is in 
college and her daughter is a senior in 
high school. 

Barbara Coughlin Iliff is assistant 
cataloger at the Wellesley Free Library. 

Heather Hines Peterson owns and 
operates a medical case management 
company serving the needs of insurance 
carriers, employers and injured workers. 
Heather would love to hear from class- 


Judith Fellows Skehan 

P.O. Box 422, Hallowell, ME 04347-0422 

Arlene Ferreira Rego does volunteer work with elderly 
housing and recently welcomed her first grandchild, a 
baby girl. 

Linda Parmenter Goulding is a fourth grade teacher in 
Hingham, MA. She has three sons. 

Ann Stern Russo is co-owner /treasurer of Walter 
Stern, Inc., in Port Washington, NY. 


Linda Foster Nixon 

202 Stage Island Road, Chatham, MA 02633 

Susan Layng Bogle 

11605 SW103rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 

Marie Coven Kaplowitz is a fundraiser-administrator 
at the American Diabetes Association in New York City. 
She and her husband, Fred, have been married for 30 years 
and have two children. 

Marijayne Dizenzo Jensvold is an elementary school 
counselor and her daughter has started college. 

Congratulations to Karen Kalish, who was accepted 
into the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard 
University for the Mid-Career Master's Program in Public 
Policy for 1999-2000. Karen is president of Kalish 
Communications and founder of Operation Understanding 
DC, an educational leadership program for Jewish and 
African American high school students. 

Susan Lind Hennigar has three children in college. 

Jill Norton Weeks' card shop continues to do well. At 
Christmastime in 1998, she and her husband took their 
three sons, sons' wives and three granddaughters for a 
vacation in the Bahamas. 

Karin Rohleder Kline teaches elementary school in 
Chester, CT. 

Elissa Altshuler Freidus is chairperson 
of the jury and hanging committee at the Westboro Gallery, 
an artist cooperative. 

Laura Druker Simonds' has almost completed her 
bachelor's degree and hopes to get her real estate license 
soon. She has two daughters. 

Laurie Kanters Micheau is a senior sales consultant for 
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals. She and her hus- 
band, Randy, have four children and are building a log 
home on a lake in Wisconsin — their future retirement 

Cathy Lutz Laneri's daughter is a college sophomore. 

Patti Levin is living in Guilford, CT, and was remarried 
in June 1999 (please see Nota Bene.) She continues a private 
practice in psychology in Cambridge and also a new one in 
New Haven. 

Roberta Munce Nelson is a realtor with Coldwell 
Banker Hunneman and Co. in Lynnfield. 



Sue Bratenas Gannon 

4 Gloria Lane, North Reading, MA 01864 

Faye Gorfinkle Stoller 

112 Bittersweet Lane, Randolph, MA 02368 

Congratulations to Susan Callis Terrio who welcomed 
her first grandchild, a baby girl, last September. 

Colette Cavanaugh Clark held her first solo art exhibit 
in December at the Opal Gallery in Pendleton, SC. 

Mary Ann Mitchell Beaver 

80 Carriage Drive, South Windsor, CT 06074-2104 

Eugenie Alexiou Tref z is a substitute teacher. She has 
two sons and sends best regards to Lasell friends. 

Mary Jane Davis Franchot is an accountant with 
Kopelman and Paige, P.C. 

Jane Gordan Cobban teaches kindergarten in Quincy, 

Deirdre Greene Malone sends her best to all 
"Karandon Curies" and hopes everyone is enjoying a 
happy, healthy life. 

Susan Hulton Curtis is the owner of Paper, Packaging 
and Panache, a card and stationery store in Bristol, RI, and 
her three-year-old business is doing very well. Susan and 
her husband have two sons. 

Nancy Rosenthal Klein is a realtor with Weichert 
Realtors in Closter, NJ, and has two daughters. 

Leah Smith Schneier has two daughters and is a vice 
president of the National Council of Jewish Women, Essex 
County, NJ, section. She travels extensively. 

Kathryn Turner Soucy has two daughters. 


Class Notes 


Constance Farley Whittall 
Long Hill, Rowley, MA 01969 

Deborah Kimerling Schneider has three teenage sons, 
her own marketing research business and manages a real 
estate partnership. She's interested in hearing from Lasell 

Nancy Waer Grzymkowski has been married for 22 
years and has one son. She is working as a library assistant 
at the Guilford, CT, Public Library. 


Susan Johnson Roach 

182 Curtis Road, Middlebury, CT 06762-3014 

Carol Goulian Stewart has three sons. She volunteers 
in their elementary school and for service organizations. 

Mary Hobler Hyson attended graduations of her son 
and daughter last year. 

Cynthia Jorgensen Peterson's daughter is a first year 
student at Lasell in the general studies program. ' 

Karen Keohan Kiley is lead teacher and the assistant 
director of Chime Time Children's Center in Melrose, MA. 

Carol Miller spent ten days bike riding in Ireland last 

Ann Smith-Johannsen Forsyth had a mini-reunion 
with Nancy Bishop Gilmore and Lynn Wanamaker 
Dreiling '72. She took an 18-mile hike in Colorado with six 
other women and was looking forward to ski season. 


Diane Henault-Tosi 

39 Ladds Way, Scituate, MA 02066-1901 

Elizabeth Andrews Haidet has lived in Milwaukee for 
11 years and sends her best to Lasell friends. She has 
recently changed careers and will soon be teaching upper 
elementary /middle school. 

Diane Henault-Tosi continues to operate a wholesale 
import specialty company with her husband, Dick. They 
travel frequently to see suppliers in Argentina, Chile, Italy 
and France. 

Gail Kaufman Furgal is a graduate of Syracuse 
University and has a college-age son. 

Deborah Wells Nunes is music director of the Keene, 
NH, Unitarian Universalist Church. 


Lorraine Woodman-Patti 

128 Ball Hill Road, Berlin, MA 01503-1811 

Susan Clark Miller is volunteering for Girl Scouts as 
the service unit coordinator and has been having a great 
time camping and canoeing and hiking with her daughter 
and their junior troop. 

Ramona Scaperrotta Allen lives in Phoenix, AZ, with 
her husband, Howard, and their two sons. She has been 
teaching fourth grade for 15 years. Ramona spoke recently 
with Shari Soldano Carney and Anne Hendrickson 
Chaisson. Both are doing fine. Anne Vves in Colorado and 
she and Ramona hope to get together. 


Sharon Cowles Kroker 

76 Afterglow Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044-5120 

Congratulations to Barbara Hirschfield Henry who 

recently won the municipal election for her second term as 
Roxbury, CT, first selectman. Her job and family keep her 
very busy. 


Pamela Brigham Lippincott 

55 John Scott Boulevard, Norton, MA 02766 

Adoree Kapopoulos McGillvary 

32 Shallow Pond Lane, East Falmouth, MA 02536 


Rosemary Balberchak Koenig 

96 Tidewater Farm Road, Stratham, NH 03885-2132 


Kathleen Finnegan 

22 Patricia Lane, Darien, CT 06820 


Sylvia Allen Hazard 

41 Nantrin Terrace, Milford, CT 06460-6741 

Mary Ann Templeton Murray 

111 Tanner Street, Manchester, CT 06040 

Kathleen Anderson has a BA in dance, a master's in 
dance therapy and teaches yoga for a living. 

Cynthia Haggblom Maressa and her husband cele- 
brated their 20th wedding anniversary. They have three 
children. Cynthia works at a nursery school and does lots 
of hiking and camping. 

Patricia Ray has moved to her dream home on a lake in 
Athol, MA, and is the first woman president of the White 
Pond Association in 60 years. She enjoys her grandchildren 
and caring for parents and wonders about the other '78 
nursing students. 


Betsy De Rosa Wolfe 

5 Martha Drive, Derry, NH 03038 

Patricia Drohan 

3100 S. Manchester Street, #636, Falls Church, VA 22044 

Roseanne Bygott Campbell is a nurse and suggests 
that "if you're ever in the San Diego area please stop by 
and see us." 

Laura Cobrinik has started classes at McGill University 
Graduate School of Library and Information Studies in 
Montreal. She has worked as reader, transcriber, note- 
taker, test giver and library guide for three disabled college 
students and gave a presentation on Emily Dickinson, 
Henry David Thoreau and Robert Frost at a conference last 
October. Laura keeps up with Diane Fain Anth '78 and 
invites Lasellites visiting Montreal to get in touch with her. 

Ronnie Cohen Romanuck is happily married and 
enjoys traveling with her husband. She is working for R.J. 
Reynolds Tobacco Co. 


Patricia Wells Vela] 

94 Southfield Avenue, #401, Stamford, CT 06902-7625 


Karen Rabatsky Rosenthal 

141 Eastwind Drive, Manchester, NH 03104 

Leslie Connor Conners has two children and works as 
a market research consultant. 

Maryjean DalMolin is working in labor and delivery 
at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut. She'd love to hear 
from old classmates. 


Cynthia Osborne Willets 

120 West Avenue, Darien, CT 06820-4308 

Karin Albert Copeland has a two-year-old daughter. 

Congratulations to Lisa Baird Lomanto and her hus- 
band and son, who welcomed a new baby daughter last 
August. Lisa took five months off before returning to 

Virginia Minor O'Malley has two children and has 
been teaching for five years. 

Katharine Walker is in sales with Bestfoods 
Foodservice, on the road calling on restaurants, schools, 
colleges, nursing homes, etc., throughout southeastern 

Massachusetts. She also works with food distributors such 
as Sysco and US Foodservice. 


Janice Wright Moron 

10 Lauren Road, Plymouth, MA 02360 

Samantha Austin works at Ernst & Young and sees 
Amanda Bunnewith Bennett, Marion Williams-Bennett, 
Christine Williams Brabazen, Martha Bullock, Kelly 
Jones Delapena '82 and Connie Young Compton regularly. 

Dianne Quinn Williamson writes "My three sisters 
and I raised $100,000 at our annual fundraiser called the 
ALS Taste of Fame, in memory of our brother who died 
two years ago of Lou Gehrig's Disease. In three years we 
have raised a total of $289,000. We hope to find a cure for 
this devastating disease soon. If you would like more infor- 
mation, please call." (We will be happy to share Dianne's 
number with you.) 


Kari Sullivan 

2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, #1808 

Philadelphia, PA 19130-3601 


Wendy Bloom Kelley 

36 Wayside Road, Westborough, MA 01581-3622 

Cathleen Hennessy Summers and her family have 
returned to Massachusetts after living in Texas for two 
years. She is chief compliance officer at Fallon Community 
Health Plan. 


Amy Sloane 

120 East 82nd Street, #15, New York, NY 10028 

Susan Wood Karpenko is a medical assistant with the 
Danbury, CT, Office of Physician Services. 


Cecilia Coleman Welch 

5909 Northern Boulevard, East Norwich, NY 11732-1612 

Angela Bonacci-Quinn 

26478 Homer Lane, Salinas, CA 93906-1568 


Debra Sansone 

27 Lincoln Road, #2, Newton, MA 02458 

Wendy Gromko 

1032 Briarhill Lane, Atlanta, GA 30324 

Christine Alexander Neagle works part-time as a 
nurse in home care with a specialty in pediatrics and she 
does new mother and newborn assessments. Christine 
and her husband have two sons. 

Susan Scichilone Presti has been working the 11 pm to 
7 am shift at Newton- Wellesley Hospital, which allows her 
to be at home with her two little girls during the day. 


Georgia Moran Livziey 

47 Camelot Drive, Box 7, Worcester, MA 01602 

Annemarie Graziano Caloggero 

7 White Avenue, Maymrd, MA 01754 

Elizabeth Goncalves Schramm is an assistant superin- 
tendent at Foxwoods Casino. 

Karen Hirsch Sullivent is living in Austin, TX, with her 
husband and two sons. They have recently purchased their 
first home and Karen is teaching second grade. 

Class Notes 



Jennifer Egan 

3430 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #7F 

Naples, FL 34103-0600 


Natalie Woods Howe 

27 Grandview Drive, Plymouth, MA 02360 


Stormy Horton Bell 

49 Merritt Avenue, Bergenfield, NJ 07621-1334 

Michelle Strathie 

23 Apsley Street #2, Hudson, MA 01749 

Jennifer Krol Teece and her husband, David, are living 
in Japan for three years, where he is stationed at Sasebo 
with the United States Navy. Jacki Hoffman Nelsen '94 
was a bridesmaid in the Krol's October 16, 1999 wedding. 


Gayle Lucido Movalli 

309 Essex Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930 

Jennifer Nolin is in graduate school. 


Kristine Bell Smith 

50 Venn Street, Quincy, MA 02169 

Kristine Bell Smith is working at Brandeis University 
as reunion coordinator and writes: "Shane and I got mar- 
ried October 9, 1999. The wedding was wonderful." 

Elizabeth Hill is putting two children through college. 

Jennifer Mullin has moved to Hartford, CT, where she 
is working at Travelers Insurance. 

Kari Nesgoda Buchholz is teaching fifth grade. 

Marie Sackett is studying to earn her teaching certifi- 

Adrien Zumpano Raffia now has two little girls. 
(Please see Nota Bene.) 


Carrie Lempke 

1509 Judith Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464-7956 

Deborah Lestch 

9 Edgebrook Lane, Monsey, NY 10952-4711 

Pam Austin moved back to Connecticut two years ago 
and is attending Southern Connecticut State University 
where she is working towards a master's degree in social 
work with concentrations in mental health and substance 

Carrie Lempke is sales manager for the Sheraton 
Norfolk Waterside Hotel and is planning an August 


Julia Torres 

90 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, MA 02172 


Mary Lynch 

57 Manners Avenue, Brockton, MA 02301-1418 

Kristina Cruz is teaching third grade in New York City 
and is working on a master's in education at Fordham 

After working throughout the United States as a LPTA 
for a travel company, Mary Lynch is currently employed 
as a tour director, a job which has given her an opportunity 
to see more of the world. Mary writes: "Hey, class of '97, 
we want to hear from you! It has been three years! Drop 
me a line and let me know how your lives and careers have 


Urit Chaimovitz 

918 Hampshire Road, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 


Janna O'Brien 

61 Virginia Avenue, Long Beach, NY 11561 



Ruth Mount Ivins '50, to Ray Garry ,on May 24, 1999 

Millicent Jewell Jenness '52, to John D. Bruce, on October 2, 1998 

Barbara Sieder Coumbe '52, to Mr. Treadway 

Cynthia Clark Rose '57, to Harold Frazee, Jr., on October 10, 1999 

Virginia Tompkins '80, to Dean Liprini, on March 5, 1999 

Pamela Vartanian '85, to Christopher Guba, on June 27, 1999 

Elizabeth Bentley '90, to Derek Hunter, on August 24, 1999 

Jennifer Krol '92, to David Teece, on October 16, 1999 

Heidi Handrigan '93, to Christopher Moreau, on May 29, 1999 

Jamie Robinson '93, to Garrett Berman, on June 20, 1999 

Kristine Bell '94, to Shane Smith, on October 9, 1999 

Jodi Donovan '94, to Scott Turner 

Stephanie Kotsifas '94, to Derek Karner, on June 19, 1999 

Keri Nesgoda '94, to Michael Buchholz, on April 16, 1999 

Kelly O'Reilly '94, to Thomas Phelps, on June 12, 1999 

Jennifer Benway '95, to Thomas Cotter, on May 22, 1999 

Paula Dewing '95, to Ronald Hoyt, on September 11, 1999 

Heidi Fernandes '96, to Shaun St. Onge, on November 14, 1998 

Tina Marie Montgomery '96, to Matthew Willey, 

on August 14, 1999 
Heidi Watkins '96, to Steve Helwig, on July 10, 1999 
Heather Lyn Rosa '98, to Joseph Manning, on May 22, 1999 
Michele Foncellino '99, to Jonathan Cornwell, on August 7, 1999 
Jaime Johnson '99, to Chester Burge II, on June 26, 1999 


Lisa Baird Lomanto '82, a daughter, Alison Danforth, 

on August 10, 1999 
Amy Kiss Woodward '88, a daughter, Julie Marie, on April 2, 1998 
Masami Tsuda Reas '92, a son, Akira Evan, on November 1, 1999 
Adrien Zumpano Raffia '94, a daughter, Kristen Marie, 

in July 1999 


Dorothy Packard Klopp '20 

Edith Geeson Seewald '21, on July 10, 1999 

Isabel Africa Rolfe '26, on December 2, 1998 

Ruth Kerns Lane '28, in February, 1997 

Gladys Nettleton Beaumont '30, in August 1994 

Jane Grant Hibbeler '32, on September 22, 1999 

Annamelia Paxton Wildman '32, in 1999 

Charlotte Ockert '33, on July 26, 1999 

Angelita Santiago Gebelein '33, on May 18, 1999 

Irene Silverblatt Weisman '33 

Ruth Wyand Thissell '33, on August 11, 1999 

Margaret Raymond McLean '36, on November 14, 1999 

Edna Yuill Persson '36, on October 3, 1999 

Ruth Tyacke Stone '37, on October 21, 1999 

Dorothy Corliss Ormsby '39, on November 5, 1999 

Mary O'Connor Lorantos '39, on June 27, 1999 

Jane Picker Furman '40, on August 15, 1997 

Annabelle Spence Johnson '41 

Dorothy Van Buskirk Hertel '41, on August 25, 1999 

Muriel Palmer Heath '42, on May 5, 1999 

Priscilla Howard Lunt '47, on July 30, 1999 

Edith Rossiter Boon '47, on May 31, 1999 

Barbara Cohan Rossen '49, October, 1999 

Ann Dewar Condon '49, on October 8, 1999 

Elizabeth Depoian Chicknavorian '50, on August 4, 1999 

Sarah McConnell Burnett '50, on August 30, 1999 

Lillian Elias Freeman '51, on August 18, 1999 

Silvia Faccio Tirrell '53, in March 1999 

Jane Falkenholm Wetzel '56, on November 25, 1999 

Nancy McKinnon von Glahn '56, on August 10, 1999 

Jo- Anne Mancini Barisano '57, on August 24, 1999 

Babette Gillette Dominguez '60, on June 4, 1999 

Susan Meehan Cohen '61, on August 23, 1999 

Judith Cohen Miller '65, on November 10, 1999 

Alva Gill van Cohen '65, on November 4, 1999 

Nancy Maysles Sims '68, on October 28, 1999 

Suzanne Strobel Nations '68, on October 11, 1999 

Deborah Moss Barron '71, on November 5, 1999 


Class Notes 


L A S E L L 


JANUARY 19, 2000 

Heritage Society member Helen Louise Duncan Devereux — a steadfastly 
loyal and proud Lasell alumna — who established a Lasell gift annuity in 
1995 to demonstrate her support, died on January 19, 2000, a month shy of 
her 94th birthday. 

Born in Portsmouth, NH, in February 1906, she grew up the second of 
four sisters in a hardy New England family that traces its roots to the 
Mayflower. As a youngster in Portsmouth — with the New Hampshire 
coastline and the New England White Mountains as her playground — she 
developed a lifelong interest in photography and the sciences. 

After graduating from Lasell in 1926, Helen Devereux went to work as 
a stenographer, first in Boston and later in New York. She returned to 
Portsmouth in 1939 to take a job with the Portsmouth Herald, and not long 
after she moved into the Civil Service, where she worked in industrial rela- 
tions and personnel for the War Department. 

In 1944, the Civil Service transferred Helen Deveraux to Hawaii, where 
she did public relations and historical work for the Hickam Air Force Base, 
Fort Shafter, Pacific Air Command, and the 150th Air Transport Wing. 

With Hawaii as her subject, Helen Devereux' s photography blossomed, 
and in the early 1950s, Helen Devereux decided to make Hawaii her home. 
She shared its beauty with her husband, Roy Devereux, enjoying watching 
birds and other wildlife from the home they shared on a cliff that over- 
looked Salt Lake. 

Her enthusiasm for travel led to several unconventional trips. Included 
was a journey to Japan in 1963 by naval transport, and a 1968 trip to South 
America with a side trip to Alaska, "on the way home," as she blithely 
explained. In 1973, Helen Duncan Devereux and her husband crossed 
Australia in a camper and in 1987 she took a cruise through the Panama 
Canal to the Galapagos Islands on a four-masted square rigged sailing ship. 
For her 92nd birthday, she took a 60-day cruise to Singapore. 

Helen Devereux is described by her niece, Mary Lou Callas, as a 
woman who was "a friend to many, helping out when possible, visiting 
friends, and being active in many social clubs, among which were the 
Central Union Church, Mayflower Society (for which she was the historian 
for many years), Order of the Eastern Star, the Masonic Lodge of Honolulu, 
the Gem and Mineral Society, for which she and husband Roy collected and 
donated specimens." 

"Helen Duncan Devereux was a delightful individual who showed her 
strong belief in Lasell with her generous support to the Annual Fund, and 
through the establishment of a gift annuity," said Katharine Urner '83, 
director of Campaign and Gift Planning. "Her generosity was an expression 
of affection for Lasell which touched us all." 

— with excerpts from a eulogy prepared by Tachi Callas and Peter Paisley, and 
remarks from Mary Lou Callas. 

JANUARY 16, 2000 

Despite his Dartmouth diploma and his proud allegiance to his New 
Hampshire alma mater, A. Benedict Doran comported himself very much 
like an honorary Lasell College alumnus. 

The husband of Marjorie Westgate Doran '37, Ben Doran often came to 
the campus, accompanying his wife to meetings when she joined the Board 
of Overseers in 1994. 

Increasingly impressed with the innovation and momentum the 
College exhibited as it looked toward the future, Ben Doran began to take 
an active interest in the institution. 

"We were both so impressed with President Tom de Witt as a leader. 
He has inspired the entire Lasell community and moved the college for- 
ward in ways we never imagined," Marjorie Doran said in 1997, when the 
couple offered a second campaign gift of $100,000 to establish the Thomas 
E.J. de Witt Endowed Fund for Presidential Innovation. 

It was Ben Doran who urged first a $100,000 charitable gift annuity and 
then, following closely on its heels, the second gift to endow the Fund for 
Presidential Innovation. After the generous gifts were announced, Ben 
Doran recalled: "I said to Marge, "Honey, you went to school at Lasell, you 
got a good education and made friends there. I think you might enjoy forg- 
ing a stronger connection." 

Philanthropy was a concept that was deeply imbued in Ben Doran. 

"I started feeling early on that my education was a great benefit to me," 
he said. "When I enrolled in Dartmouth, the $400 tuition my father paid 
was only about half of what it cost Dartmouth to provide an education. The 
rest, I discovered, came from endowment. Someone else paid for it." 

He and his wife were strong supporters of the College's bid to go co- 
educational in 1997. Said Ben Doran at the time, "We saw Dartmouth go co- 
ed in 1972, and our daughter, Brewer, was in the first class of women 
admitted. She gained a great deal from the experience of going to 
Dartmouth. We believe the move toward coeducation will be as beneficial 
for Lasell as it was for Dartmouth." Mr. Doran's enthusiasm for Lasell 
was further fueled by plans for Lasell Village, the cutting-edge continuing 
care retirement community with its unique, built-in lifelong learning 

"Marge and Ben were one of the first couples to reserve a unit at Lasell 
Village," President Thomas de Witt recalled. "Ben shared a similar vision 
for the benefits of lifelong learning. It is a shame that he will not be able to 
personally realize this dream." 

Ben Doran, who retired from the Union Camp Corporation in 1965, had 
been battling colon cancer since the spring of 1999. He was married for 62 
years and was surrounded by his loving family when he died on January 
16, 2000. 

Class Notes 



Alumni Gifts for Winslow Hall Help Earn 
the Kresge Challenge Grant 


"Some people go to college to get 
lost in the experience. I went to be found. 
Lasell gave me a wonderful start, for 
which I will always be grateful," and Jean 
Campbell firmly believes that, "it contin- 
ues as a wonderful institution to this day." 

It is with a large measure of pride that 
Lasell College can claim Jean Campbell '44 
as one of its own, worthy of her generous 
$50,000 gift annuity to the College — her 
second such gift during the campaign. 
Hers is the first pledge received toward the 
Kresge Challenge grant. 

Jean Campbell '44 is one of those rare 
individuals whose lives touch so many 
through their quiet dedication to the prin- 
ciples in which they believe. An investment 
counselor, philanthropist, and community 
volunteer, this remarkable woman's far- 
reaching career has benefited the lives of so 
many women. And she modesdy attributes 
her success to her experience at Lasell. 

"In the springtime of my senior year 
in high school, I remember my father ask- 
ing me, 'What do you want to do?'" Jean 
Campbell answered, "I've been too busy to 
think about the future." To that, Jean's 
father replied, "Then, I think we should 
talk to my friend Guy Winslow." 

A native Vermonter, Jean's father 
grew up with the former Lasell President 
(1932-1947) and a visit to the campus con- 
vinced Jean and her family that Lasell was 
the right place to pursue a college educa- 

Attending Lasell during the war did 
not dampen the resolve of Ms. Campbell 
and her classmates to make the most of 
their education. "Our class motto was 
'Courage with a sense of humor' and, we 
graduated on what turned out to be D- 
day," she recalled fondly. "I thoroughly 
enjoyed the small classes — I had wonderful 
teachers who were very supportive and 
helpful." In addition to her academic class- 
es, Ms. Campbell engaged in a wide range 
of extracurricular activities. 

An accomplished athlete, she partici- 
pated in field hockey, basketball, Softball 
and crew, and was elected President of the 
Athletic Association her senior year. 
"Because of the war requiring gas 
rationing, we couldn't go far afield, so we 
mostly played intramural contests." The 
Lasell students were placed on either the 
white team or the blue team. "I was head 
of the blue team," Ms. Campbell remem- 
bered, "when we played against Sue 
Slocum Klingbeil '45's team. We won!" 

▲ Corporator Jean Campbell '44 

Ms. Campbell also found time to play 
the violin in the orchestra that played for 
the College's theatrical performances. 

After graduation, Ms. Campbell was 
one of the few in her class to continue her 
education full-time. Enrolling at Pembroke, 
the women's college at Brown University, 
Ms. Campbell graduated with a degree in 

"My parents sacrificed to give me a 
college education, and I knew I had to get 
a job," Ms. Campbell said. She had spent 
her summers as a Girl Scout counselor, 
and they offered her a paid position upon 
graduation. She then spent the next 22 
years as a Girl Scout professional. 

Serving as a field director, Ms. 
Campbell's tenure with the Girl Scouts 
first included coordinating the day camps, 
writing the curriculum, training day camp 
counselors, and directing camps. She then 
became an executive director, and during 
this time Ms. Campbell earned a Master's 
degree in education from the University 
of Hartford. 

Her considerable talents were recog- 
nized by the YWCA, and Ms. Campbell 
left the Girl Scouts to assume the post of 
Executive Director of the New Bedford 
YWCA. It was there that she championed 
the Senior Aid Program that promoted job 
training for seniors. 

"There was quite a bit of money avail- 
able for job training at that time, but no 
one was doing anything for the elderly — 
particularly women," she recalled. "It was 
very difficult for a woman, after a spouse's 
death or divorce, to find a job." In 1973, 
Ms. Campbell testified before the U.S. 
Senate advocating for the need to fund 
senior job training. 

Recognizing that older people were a 
very stable and reliable sector of the work- 
force, Ms. Campbell continued her work 


"The two years I spent at Lasell made a 
lasting impression on my life." A wonder- 
ful statement considering the rich and 
rewarding life Jeanne Hubbard Brooks '40 
has led since graduating from Lasell. Mrs. 
Brook's generous $50,000 gift of stock for 
the Winslow Hall Renovation Project is a 
lasting tribute to her love of Lasell. 

"I arrived on campus as a freshman in 
early autumn 1938, and about a week later, 
on September 21, the hurricane of 1938 
also arrived," Mrs. Brooks vividly remem- 
bers. "We were seated at dinner in our din- 
ing hall in Woodland Park and heard the 
tin roof blow off the building. It sure was 
scary for a while." 

For Mrs. Brooks, her time at Lasell 
was a wonderful experience. "I enjoyed all 
of it," she recalls. "Not only the book- 
learning, but making new friends and 
trying all the sports offered." Mrs. Brooks 
vividly remembers singing with the 
Orphean Club and performing at the 
Pops with Arthur Fiedler. "It was a thrill!" 
Combining courses in secretarial, English 
and French studies with art classes, Mrs. 
Brooks believed that, "the fine teachers we 
had and what I learned in the classroom at 
Lasell made a big difference in my working 
life later on." 

After graduating from Lasell, Mrs. 
Brooks worked for a group of lawyers. 
Then, for a change of pace, she ran a nurs- 
ery school for the next 10 years. Finally, 
Mrs. Brooks became the secretary to the 
Art Department at the Davidson Art 
Center at Wesleyan University, in 
Middletown, Connecticut, and worked 
there for 1 1 years. "My Lasell background 
was so important there, combining my sec- 
retarial skills and my love of art." 

In 1966, Mrs. Brooks married and 
moved from Middletown a few miles south 
to her husband's home in Chester. "My 
husband turned me into a pretty good 
fisherman. As a hobby we cruised Long 


Campaign Donor Jean Hubbard 
Brooks '40 

Island Sound for the next 26 summers," 
Mrs. Brooks fondly recalls. 

After her husband's death in 1994, 
Mrs. Brooks continued to live in her home 
with "two wonderful companions, my dogs 
Magnolia and Barney. They are number six 
and seven of the Papillion breed that we've 
had — three of them were champions. All 
of these dogs had to be good sailors." 

"My main hobby now is making ster- 
ling silver jewelry, including initialed nap- 
kin rings, thimbles and tiny boxes," says 
Mrs. Brooks. Besides gardening in the 
warm weather, she also enjoys petit point 
needlework, and of course, dog walking. 
Mrs. Brooks' volunteer work includes 
meals-on-wheels; "I have been a volunteer 
driver for the past five years. 

"I have visited Lasell recently and can 
hardly believe the great and wonderful 
changes that are happening on campus," 
says Mrs. Brooks. She has also kept abreast 
of Lasell's initiatives by attending the 
Connecticut Valley Lasell meetings. "I have 
been impressed by the enthusiasm of the 
staff, and especially Dr. de Witt's inspiring 
talks as to the present advancement and 
future of Lasell. They, in turn, have 
inspired me to help with a gift of stock for 
the renovations of Winslow Hall." **- 

CAMPBELL, continued from top left 

on behalf of displaced homemakers. Then, 
in 1976, she started an investment club for 
women. "It was a very diverse group, from 
the wealthy to the welfare recipient." The 
common goal they all shared was to learn 
the fundamentals of managing money and 
understanding their finances. "So many 
women were left some money, from a 
divorce or insurance settlement, but didn't 
know how to manage it," she said. "The 

investment club provided a valuable edu- 
cation. And, it was fun!" 

Since her retirement, Ms. Campbell 
continues to pursue her interest in the 
financial markets, and serves a number of 
charitable organizations. She also had the 
time to become reacquainted with Lasell 
College, and has served as Chair of her 

see CAMPBELL, continued on page 20 


: "^50 spring 2000 19 


Elisse Allinson Share '65 


A Trustee Elisse Allinson Share '65 

"I get really excited when I see what is 
going on at Lasell today — expanded acad- 
emic programs, increasing enrollment, new 
dorms, the Winslow renovation — in sum, 
we are taking Lasell to the next step," says 
Elisse Allinson Share '65 enthusiastically. 
As a member of the Board of Trustees and 
Annual Fund chairman, Mrs. Share has 
artfully balanced her desire to preserve 
Lasell's intimate, nurturing educational 
environment with the need to launch Lasell 
successfully into the future. 

Elisse Share's devotion to the College 
and her contributions to the institution are 
considerable. Mrs. Share fondly recalls her 
time at Lasell as a student. "I wanted to go 
to a women's college, so I selected Lasell 
College and entered the child study pro- 
gram. Coming from a much larger high 
school, I really enjoyed the intimacy that 
Lasell offered. 

"I was involved with Blue Key where 
honor students took prospective students 
around campus, and I worked on the year- 
book." Mrs. Share also remembers other 
extracurricular activities. "There were 
always mixers with Bentley, Babson, and 
Northeastern, going into Boston and 
Cambridge — there was always lots to do." 

During her senior year, Mrs. Share 
lived in Conn House with eight other stu- 
dents. "It was great. We were all close, and 
everyone was involved in campus activities. 
I will never forget the father- daughter 
weekend when we dressed up as a baseball 
team. It was lots of fun. We really got to 
know each others' families." 

After graduating from Lasell, Mrs. 
Share transferred to Lesley College where 
she went on to complete her undergradu- 
ate degree in education. In fact, the close 
collegial environment at Lasell led to the 
decision to continue her studies at another 


women's college. During this time, Mrs. 
Share became engaged and married the 
medical student she had been dating since 
her years at Lasell. 

As her husband's early medical career 
and military service moved them from 
Vermont, New York, and Virginia, Mrs. 
Share pursued careers in education and 

In December 1972, Mrs. Share wel- 
comed her daughter, prompting what 
turned out to be their last move. "My hus- 
band was offered a job for one year in 
Ridgewood, New Jersey, and we've lived 
there ever since." 

Mrs. Share became involved in her 
new community. With many opportunities 
to volunteer, she soon headed up the 
school parent organization. Today, Mrs. 
Share serves on the Board of Trustees 
and is a past president of the auxiliary at 
Barnert Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey. 
"As an inner-city hospital," notes Mrs. 
Share, "I felt they needed the volunteer 
help more than a suburban hospital." 

When it came time for her daughter to 
look at colleges, the family considered 
Lasell right away. "While I always read 
Leaves, it wasn't until my daughter enrolled 
that I became reacquainted with Lasell." In 
1991, Mrs. Share met Helena Hartnett, 
then dean of External Affairs. "I asked her 
why there wasn't an alumni association in 
New Jersey, and she suggested that I start 
one," she laughs. 

Working with Dean Hartnett, the first 
alumni event Mrs. Share organized had 
over 30 Lasell graduates in attendance. 
"We hosted some really fun events," recalls 
Mrs. Share, "like the evening 'dress for 
success' program at Nordstrom's." 

President Thomas de Witt quickly rec- 
ognized Mrs. Share's organizational talents 
and dedication to Lasell. "Tom approached 
me to serve on the Board of Overseers," 
she says , "which I gladly accepted." Then, 
in 1994 Mrs. Share was elected to the 
Board of Trustees. 

Mrs. Share's tenure on the Board 
began at a time of considerable change at 
the institution. The College was grappling 
with the issue of admitting men for the 
first time ever. "I remember thinking, 
'Over my dead body!' However, upon deep 
reflection and exhaustive research, the 
Trustees agreed to support coeducation. 
I came to appreciate that if the institution 


was going to grow and flourish, Lasell 
needed to admit men." 

And flourish it has. Lasell's resurgence 
has been particularly gratifying to Mrs. 
Share. "This is what college life is all 
about," she says, "staying on campus and 
getting involved, taking advantage of what 
Boston has to offer — not running home 
every weekend. At Lasell today, the stu- 
dents have a reason to stay." 

In 1996, Mrs. Share accepted the role 
of Annual Fund Chairman. With her 
trademark enthusiasm and commitment to 
the task at hand, she has been instrumental 
in getting the message out to alums about 
Lasell's reborn vitality and academic quali- 
ty. "We're not going to forget we were a 
women's college," Mrs. Share emphasizes, 
"but, it is as important to recognize the 
positive new direction Lasell has taken." 

One of the many measures of Lasell's 
continuing success is the record-breaking 
year the Annual Fund had in 1998 - 1999. 
Mrs. Share is quick to recognize the 
tremendous contribution made by student 
phonathoners. "You can't have students 
asking for money if they aren't having a 
great experience on campus, and the cur- 
rent group of phoners are clearly having a 
wonderful college experience at Lasell." 
(See related story, pg. 13) 

Mrs. Share sees the next challenge as 
bringing back the alums from the 70's and 
80's. She encourages alumni to return to 
the school for a visit, attend alumni events 
and reunions. "Fundraising is a part of life. 
It is important for all alums to understand 
that it is not how much you contribute, but 
that you care enough to participate in the 
Annual Fund. A high level of participation 
translates into stronger cases for grants and 
the funds to support wonderful programs 
on campus. We shape the lives of students 

through our contributions. Don't forget, 
Lasell was and is a part of our life experi- 
ence, and there is much to be proud of." 

Mrs. Share and her daughter, Jennifer 
'98, demonstrated their devotion to Lasell 
by establishing an endowed scholarship in 
1998. While Mrs. Share has been close to 
the changes at Lasell, the intimacy of the 
institution that she found so special when 
she was a student remains intact. "At 
Lasell, you are an individual, not a num- 
ber. There is always a person here to pro- 
vide help, guidance, and support. This is 
what Lasell is all about and through our 
collective efforts we ensure that this acade- 
mic and social environment continues to 
be the hallmark of a Lasell education." **■ 

CAMPBELL, continued from page 1 9 

reunion class, on the Alumni Board of 
Management, and as a Corporator. 

Her years as a student of the 
financial markets have taught Ms. 
Campbell that any investment deci- 
sion must be based on the sound 
fundamentals of the enterprise. 
"Lasell not only gave me my start," 
she said, "but Lasell continues to 
provide graduates with a chance for 
success. I am very impressed with the 
quality of students. When they enter 
the working community, they are 

It is a testament to the institu- 
tion's vibrancy and continuing 
growth that Lasell College meets her 
stringent criteria for investment. 
Lasell College is proud to have the 
financial endorsement of her alumna 
Jean Campbell '44. **■ 


As of April 30, 2000: 


$15 million 


$13.4 million 


20 1^j0 spring 2000